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Aromatics Revamp Project

ARADET carry out several Tech. & economical studies to make magnasifent change in aromatics section & change operating model of the units, (Sulfolane and Aromatics fractionation units) to produce BTX free of A9+, this will lead to operate these units with highly flexibility and economical producer to produce (Benzene, Toluene & new products such as mixed xylenes) and heavy Aromatics A9+ which would be produced and regarded as by products.

It is expected to implement this Revamp within the 1st Q 2015


Paraffins Revamp Project

ARADET sign a contract with UOP (Universal Oil Product) to supply ADS-34 & Hydrotreater Catalyst with the related services and change some equipment in units in order to increase the productivity of the Paraffin, this Revamp expected to be implemented within 2nd Q 2014.


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