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LAB (Linear Alkyl Benzene)



The LAB Complex is located adjacent to a major refinery complex in the middle region of Iraq at Baiji - Salahaldin.


Know-How and Technology

Plant licensors and know-how suppliers are:

LAB Process: UOP



Investment Cost

The total capital cost was about US $ 112 million.


Raw Materials supply

The complex is supplied with the required quantities of kerosene, reformate and utilities from the adjacent refineries under a long-term agreement.


Contractor of LAB project

TPL - Technical petrol S.P.A., an Italian Engineering Contracting Company and Technical International A.G., a Swiss Company, were the joint contractor.


Management and Operation

Iraq has an established reputation in many sectors of industrial production, including oil refining and fertilizers. ARADET's operating personnel is an additional asset of the company, ensuring stable and dynamic plant production.




Operating Structure and Distribution System



ARADET operating staff includes a well qualified management, and 350 engineers, technicians, specialists and operating personnel, most of whom have mature industrial experience.


Product distribution is ensured on FOT. Lab complex and/or a door-to-door basis by road tankers to customers in Iraq and customers in Jordan, Syria and Turkey, or by sea freight based on F.O.B Aqaba port and/or Tartoos port for shipments to Europe, USA, India.