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Arab Company for Detergent Chemicals

The Arab Company for detergent chemicals (ARADET) is a Pan-Arab Company with limited liability, Its head office is in the city of Baghdad in the Republic of Iraq.


The company was created for the purpose of establishing a detergent chemical industry in the Arab world. The LAB (Linear Alkyl Benzene) with a capacity of 50,000 tons per year, project was completed and commissioned in 1987.



To establish industries to manufacture intermediate chemicals required to produce finished   detergents, or needed for the detergent industry.

To trade materials used in the detergent industry.

To market the company's products.


Share Capital

Authorized capital
7,200 shares of ID.10,000 each ID 72.000.000 (U.S. $ 232,000,000)

Subscribed and fully paid up capital
3600 shares of ID. 10,000 each ID 36.000.000( U.S. $ 116,000,000)



ARADET shareholders are:


Percentage of shares holding

Government of the public of Iraq 32%

Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation 32%

Government of the State of Kuwait 10%

Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 10%

Arab mining Company 10%

The Arab investment Company (TAIC) 6%


18 Arab countries have direct or indirect interest in the Company.